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Message from the President

Our homes are vitally important for our lives. We were born in 1963 out of the strong sense of mission of founder Konosuke Matsushita, who sought to build homes befitting the vital role they play in people’s lives. We have since helped numerous families give shape to their dream homes, based on a clear vision of what truly makes a house a home.

In October 2017, PanaHome Corporation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. And in April 2018, a milestone year marking the 100th anniversary of Panasonic, and the 55th anniversary of PanaHome, PanaHome will be renamed and rebranded, “Panasonic Homes Corporation,” and “Panasonic.”

Our goal is to offer products that rank number 1 in durability and user-friendliness. In order to deliver homes and living environments conducive to nurturing bonds and enhancing happiness, we adopt constructions designed to thoroughly safeguard buildings and lives. We also leverage Panasonic’s unrivalled consulting and technical expertise built by studying living comfort from a myriad of angles, and as a result of examining everyday lifestyles for over a century. Panasonic Homes aspires to a management that is powered by the ideas and skills of each and every employee, and will do its utmost to become a company trusted by and in touch with customers and society.

We will accelerate and develop our ongoing four-pronged growth strategy comprising custom-built housing, urban development, housing renovation, and overseas businesses. By offering homes that can be passed from generation to generation as treasured assets, Panasonic Homes looks forward to serving the betterment of both everyday living, and the future of planet Earth. To this end, I ask for your continued cooperation and support for our company,

Ryuji Matsushita
Representative Director, President

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