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Our Businesses in Japan

Panasonic Homes runs a wide range of businesses, ranging from subdivision to urban development, existing residential stock business and asset utilization, based on our technology and know-how accumulated through building detached houses.
As a housing builder under Panasonic, we help our customers' dreams to come true for their life-long satisfaction. As a comprehensive housing life creator, we also offer new lifestyle value to our customers.

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Custom-built Detached House Business

We propose creative ideas, such as Kajiraku® ( “easing housework” ) and Sakiyomi Sekkei® ( “design compatible with future changes” ) to help customers lead an easy and flexible life, making full use of our unique steel-framed structure, applicable to structures ranging from single-story houses to nine-story buildings, and our pursuit of comfortable living spaces as the housing company of Panasonic. Responding to the various lifestyles of our customers, we propose different types of houses, such as IoT houses, housing for two generations, and houses for families with small children. We also offer a long term (60-year) warranty designed with the aim of minimizing maintenance costs. Our houses will protect residents’ lives and daily living, and provide a sense of security for a long time.

Land Utilization Business

We propose to landowners a wide variety of land utilization plans to meet the needs of the time and region, from rental housing to lodging, and medical and nursing care facilities, in which we have years of experience. In doing so, we hope that the owners can have a sense of pride in their buildings loved by people as part of their neighborhood. We will provide the owners with various kinds of support, including building management and operation, as well as administration of facilities, to help them continue operating their business in the future while maintaining the value of their assets.

Urban Development Business

In order to create a better society, we have promoted high-quality town development projects nationwide, focusing on the three pillars of the business: ready-built detached houses, condominiums, and integrated mix-used development. Meanwhile, we propose different strategies relating to corporate real estate (CRE) and public real estate (PRE) to corporations and local governments, respectively, with the aim of unlocking the potential value of their real property and creating new value leading to the social problems solution or higher profits.

Existing Residential Stock Business

Leveraging the technologies accumulated over the long history of PanaHome and the comprehensive expertise of Panasonic Corporation, we provide renovations that create new value for any house or building with any type of structure, from wooden houses to steel-framed houses, condominiums, and old Japanese-style houses. In addition, we offer a wide variety of real estate services: real estate transactions ranging from purchase of land and houses, simultaneous sale and purchase of property, and sale of used houses; and support for customers’ rental housing business through our original sublease scheme. We aim to achieve a lifelong relationship with our customers through creative synergy among our group companies.

In January 2020, Panasonic Homes became a group company of Prime Life Technologies Corporation, which was newly founded by Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation with the aim of achieving future-oriented town development.