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— Development of Panasonic Homes —

Establishment of National Housing Materials Co., Ltd.
As an independent housing manufacturer, we achieved steady growth.

  • 1961
    Completed Matsushita Type-One Housing Unit, the origin of the houses of Panasonic Homes
    The company's predecessor, National Housing Materials Co., Ltd., established as an independent housing company
    Began operation of the Koto Plant, the company's first in-house production base (the present Head Plant in Shiga Prefecture)
  • Matsushita Type-One Housing Unit
    Matsushita Type-One Housing Unit

As times change, the role that houses play also changes.
To make a house a true home, we continued to develop new products and services.

  • 1977
    Named the product brand PanaHome
    Started sales of its first condominium, Pana Heights
    Completed its first urban development project, Hirakata Pana Town
    Renamed as National House Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Started sales of National House 55, developed as a national housing project
  • Opening of Hirakata Pana Town
    Opening of Hirakata Pana Town

In an age seeking true wealth, we proposed the creation of new lifestyles and culture.

  • 1983
    Acquired the certification of energy efficiency performance for the first time in Japan for the excellence of the building and heating equipment of National House 55
    Launched PanaHome Interior System (P.I.S.)
    Opened a housing test center in the Koto Plant (the present Head Plant) to conduct performance tests using a full-scale house
  • Housing test center
    Housing test center

Towards the 21st century, we promoted the reformation of PanaHome,
with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and responding to social expectations.

  • 1991
    Started sales of Pana Grande, the first mid-rise prefabricated building in the industry
    Established a company-wide task force at the headquarters for tackling the aftermath of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake right after the disaster. None of the houses built by PanaHome in the area had completely or half collapsed, thereby demonstrating their strength
    Started the “Lifelong companion system,” offering a long-term (20-year) house warranty system
  • Construction of temporary housing units after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
    Construction of temporary housing units
    after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

“Let's make dreams come true together.” Under this slogan, we continue to challenge ourselves through the housing business to realize harmony among humans and between humans and nature.

  • 2002
    Renamed as PanaHome Corporation
    Starts its aging life business, with the opening of retirement homes for the elderly not needing nursing care
    Opens a private nursing home, the first such facility in the industry that is designed, constructed and operated by a housing company
    Started an entire building leasing system of specialized housing with nursing care services for the elderly
    Released the concept of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town development
    Conducted real-scale vibration tests using a house built with the HS structure, a product of the company's unique expertise
    Won the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award at the 9th Eco products Awards in recognition of its unique technologies for the ventilation system incorporating Panasonic's ECO NAVI system to supply fresh air, and the entire house insulation specification
    Constructed its first prototype detached house overseas, in Malaysia
    Unified its renovation brands into Panasonic Reform
  • Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town
    Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

Our utmost priority is to ensure unparalleled durability and ease of living.
We continue to take on the challenge of creating the best house in the world.

  • 2017
    As a first for a Japanese company, won the Gold Award in the Smart Buildings category at the ESCI Best Practices Awards Program in recognition of the company’s Smart City Shioashiya “Solar-Shima”
    Renamed as Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd. as it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation
    Has started sales of houses in the smart town SAVASA with approximately 2,500 housing units built in Indonesia
    Made a full-fledged entry into the lodging business with a scheme incorporating multistory houses and operational support
    Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation concluded contracts to establish a new joint venture relating to town development
    Introduced a 35-year initial warranty period, among the longest in the industry for prefabricated steel-framed houses
    In January, became a group company of Prime Life Technologies Corporation, which was newly founded by Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation with the aim of achieving future-oriented town development
    Opens Patona Suita Kento, positioned as a pilot model project for elderly housing, which is promoted in cooperation with Suita City in Osaka Prefecture

Panasonic Homes is a group company of Prime Life Technologies Co., Ltd., which was established by Panasonic Holdings and Toyota Motor Corporation with the aim of creating future-oriented cities.